iPAR ® Process

Customers seek a business partner who understands their business, can anticipate their needs, and can help them accelerate their business results. Kyana's iPAR ® (innovative Packaging Accelerating Results) Process is a holistic look at your business processes that yields a deeper understanding of your business on many levels. Kyana's team begins by understanding your goals and then aligning the proper resources within our company, and supplier network, to help you to achieve those goals. With the iPAR ® Process, you can be assured that we will continue to work with your team to increase both top and bottom line performance, never resting on past accomplishments.

Utilizing our iPAR ® Process, Kyana Packaging Solutions can help you to improve your financial performance in the face of changing market conditions and customer expectations. Our ideas will help you to eliminate unnecessary costs and help your operations run more efficiently. Kyana Packaging Solutions offers a wide range of options to you including package design strategies, packaging line automation, and outsourcing options. Our package design strategies will favorably position your company to compete for your customers' business. We make sure that the amount of packaging used is the right amount and not excessive. Our automated equipment solutions will keep your operating costs in line with expectations, resolve labor challenges, and allow you to favorably compete in highly competitive markets. Outsourcing options, through our ASR Division, allow you to focus on what you do well — your core business. Working with Kyana in these areas will open up new options for your business and increase flexibility with your customers.

Kyana's iPAR ® Process:

  • Identify problem areas, both known and unknown.
  • Increase your company's profitability.
  • Increase responsiveness to customer feedback.
  • Increase options for your customer strategies.
  • Provide leading-edge solutions for your unique business challenges.

  • Kyana Packaging Solutions partners with customers who want to remain competitive in the global market, believe in strong partnerships, and are collaborative. We always do what is right for our customers, even at the expense of our own business. We are so confident in the benefits of our iPAR ® Process that we will guarantee our results.

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