Vendor Mangaged

Stay ahead of the curve - let Kyana manage your supplies inventory

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) will help your business run smoothly

Most often, your internal business processes focus on the procurement of materials needed for you to make the items you provide to your customers.

The other supplies you need to keep your business running smoothly, tend to be ordered when someone comes into your office and says, “Hey! We’re out of…!"

The "…" could be stretch film, carton sealing tape, cartons, strap, adhesives, abrasives, hand soap, towels, tissue, safety glasses, ear plugs, copy paper or any of a thousand other items that can either be a minor annoyance or can shut down your production lines.

VMI by Kyana relieves you of the burden and responsibility of managing your MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) inventory. VMI can impact your operations by avoiding expense needed to expedite shipments of MRO materials; VMI can reduce your need for “safety stock” reducing your total inventory investment and demand for MRO storage.

Imagine not having to deal with "surprises"

Imagine a smooth flow of MRO items being taken care of behind the scenes - where your business processes are never stopped for lack of seemingly trivial, yet often times critical components to your operations (Have you ever let your plant run out of toilet paper?).

Kyana Packaging Solutions sales representatives are trained Supply Chain Professionals. Let Kyana take responsibility for your inventory of MRO items.

Kyana's VMI Software keeps you informed

At a minimum, our software will track your average daily usage of items, evaluate your most recent purchases and quantities and we’ll alert you when you are “due to buy” more of a particular item (on line) or send a weekly summary of what we forecast that your MRO needs are for the next week via email.

All you'll have to do is verify the suggested quantities, tell us which day you would prefer the delivery to arrive, and sit back and relax! Your MRO order is complete.

For items with a repeatable order pattern, we’ll even create standing orders that will replenish your predictable quantities on the days of the week or month that are most suitable for your operations. At a deeper level, our clients work with our sales professionals to determine agreed upon stocking levels for consumables within their plants and our sales team will make scheduled checks of current stock and trigger automatic replenishment activities. All of the activities are transparent and you can monitor the whole process through Kyana's online portal, knowing where your materials are at every checkpoint in the supply chain.

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