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Kyana knows resources are increasingly precious

That's why we've become a leader in helping our client partners become more aware of the benefits of sound environmental stewardship. We've pledged to seek out and eliminate waste in any part of the packaging solution process.

We started first with a critical eye toward our own operation

One example:

We've eliminated "always on" lighting throughout our 120,000 sq. ft. facility. Infra-red sensors can tell when our employees walk toward our shelving and overhead low-energy fluorescent lighting comes on and automatically turns off within a few minutes.

Another example:

We have an aggressive program to eliminate internal document printing. We've carefully built an infrastructure that allows to us to keep everyone connected on-line, eliminating the need for wasteful memo circulation.

Another example:

We don't have a Segway or a motorized method to travel throughout our warehouse. We use the most efficient method of transportation ever invented - the bicycle. Yep - we don't waste energy and we get a little exercise to boot. It's a real "win - win!"

Another example:

We recycle 97% of our waste stream at Kyana. We have bins for so many types of recyclables - from bins holding our fall off from trimmed stamped polyvinyl, to bins holding stamped aluminum scraps, to bins holding waste paper from our mail stream (you'd be surprised!) - we try our best to be good stewards of the environment. Everything we do is carefully reviewed with an eye toward sustainability and energy efficiency.

We have sought out like-minded suppliers for you

We carefully review all of our partner vendors and suppliers. We select them on many criteria, and sustainability is one of the reasons they're chosen.

We know that our actions add up to a much, much greater result. When we place your orders with more environmentally responsible vendors, we all become that much stronger. Together, our efforts will add up to a more responsible, more profitable and much more sustainable world. It starts with a single decision to be part of the solution. And remember - "solution" is part of Kyana Packaging Solutions' name - please join us!

We help our client partners "right size" their packaging processes

We help them pare down on-hand inventory and show them ways to responsibly deal with waste. Kyana will help your company reduce its environmental "footprint".

Let us audit your business and help you find opportunities you may be overlooking. Recently, a Kyana packaging audit revealed a customer could reduce the amount of wasted stretch film going to the landfill by 20,000 pounds. That's ten tons of wasted stretch film - that's real money! This also represented a substantial savings for the customer as well. Kyana's sustainability audits are thorough - let us perform one for you.

We stay on top of the newest advances in packaging and we can help you. Even if you use products that are petroleum based, such as foam, polyethylene or packing peanuts - we can show you best practices that will use the least amount of material possible. We can help you save money while you help reduce your company's environmental impact. Another "win-win"!

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