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Since 1976, Kyana Packaging Solutions has focused on providing optimized solutions for our client’s needs.

Our sales team starts new project discussions by asking about your application, your desired outcome, the production environment, conditions in transit, and a myriad of other topics, only introducing products once they understand your company’s unique needs.

The Solution Center is our way of bringing over forty years of experience directly to our clients' screens. By answering just a few questions, you’ll be presented with several choices which may work for your application.

Once you have a result, you may initiate a chat or call us to talk about the result, order a sample, schedule a demonstration or go straight to Shop Kyana and get current pricing and order the products.

We have possible solutions for carton sealing tapes, strapping tape, masking tapes, adhesives, stretch film and strapping options. Just click on a category at the bottom of the page to get started!

We can help you Right Size your box, with our corrugated box calculator: Kyana Right Size Box Calculator

We can answer your questions about Dimensional Weight here: Kyana Dim Weight Planner

Are you curious regarding how to correctly size a bin liner or pallet cover, we can help you with that answer: Kyana Poly Bag Sizer

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Do you need a product but are unsure what will meet your needs? Try our Solution Center. Select the catagory of product you are looking for and answer some basic questions and you will be shown a few options that should fulfil your needs.

Contact us with any packaging questions you have.

Kyana Packaging Solutions is helping diverse industries drive efficiency, growth and higher profits by using our over forty years of deep industry knowledge. From packaging to corrugate to plastics and poly to strapping to stretch wrap, Kyana continues to help transform America's businesses.

We're pleased to offer our clients free access to ELEVATE - a free consulting software application designed to help manage costs for today's leading businesses.

To start the ELEVATE process, just click here. We're so certain the ELEVATE program will work for your business, you can try it for free - there is no obligation or cost to try the solutions Kyana offers you through the ELEVATE program.

ELEVATE provides a deep dive look into the costs of your existing MRO supply chain. Then it offers a "what if" look at possible outcomes if various changes are made to the supply chain. This process alone can save your company tens of thousands of dollars.

ELEVATE then provides access to the thousands of innovative products Kyana Packaging Solutions offers as well as the latest industry data, giving insight into what like-businesses are using. You'll be able to make sourcing decisions while sitting at your own desk -- without endless web searches or countless meetings. Click here to visit Elevate/Kyana to get started now. If you'd prefer, you can call us at (800) 366-5374 - we'll schedule your Kyana ELEVATE insight session today!