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How to choose Custom Labels

Let Kyana get you the custom label you need. Here are just some examples of labels we can make for your company.

•  Tamper Evident Labels
•  Weatherproof Labels
•  Barcoding
•  Stock mailing Labels
•  Full Color business cards
•  Extended life durable decals
•  Reflective Labels
•  Foil Imprint and Embossed Labels
•  Static cling labels
•  Printed tape
•  Laser labels
•  Self-Inking Dater stamps
•  Pre-inked stamps
•  Handle Mount Stamps
•  Full Color brochures and Posters
...and many more - we mean it when we say custom!

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Printing

Uses a face sheet that is specifically designed to accept heat-activated ink from a thermal transfer ribbon as it passes through a thermal printer.

Heat from the print head activates the ink-coated ribbon and transfers it onto the label to produce barcodes, text or images. This eliminates the problem of fading or changing color in direct thermal. Some uses include part bins, and shelf labels.

Direct Thermal Printing

Uses a specialized face sheet that is heat-activated by the print head of a direct thermal printer. Heat from the print head activates the dye in the face sheet, allowing it to appear, creating the barcodes, test or images specified by the labeling software. No ribbon.

GHS Labels

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has recently updated the Hazard Communication Standard. This change includes adopting the Globally Harmonized System to improve the communication about chemical hazards for the safety and health of workers. As a result, identifying labels will have to be modified to convey health, physical and environmental hazards.

Labels will now have to provide the identity of the chemical and appropriate hazard warnings. The Hazard Communication Standard states what information has to be identified for . each hazard class and category. Labels will require the following:

  • Product Identifier
    Chemical name, product name or other unique identifier
  • Pictogram
    Each pictogram consists of a black symbol on a white background, within a red border that conveys specific information about the hazards of a chemical. There are nine pictograms under the GHS. However, only eight pictograms are required under the HCS.
  • Signal words
    A single word used to indicate the level of severity of hazard and alert the reader to a potential hazard on the label. The signal words used are "danger" and "warning." "Danger" is used for the more severe hazards, while "warning" is used for less severe hazards.
  • Hazard Statement
    A statement assigned to a hazard class and category that describes the nature and degree of hazard.
  • Precautionary Statement
    A phrase that describes recommended measures to be taken to minimize or prevent adverse effects resulting from exposure to a hazardous chemical or improper storage or handling of a hazardous chemical.
  • Supplier Identification
    Name, address and phone number of the chemical manufacturer, importer or other responsible party.
  • Table Top Strapping

    What are the uses for strapping machines? Strapping machines can be used to keep packages, boxes, and bundles in together tightly. The machines will be loaded with polypropylene strapping that is then dispensed and sealed around a box, a package, a bundle of wood, or other material that needs to be held together. The machine actually creates a strap that holds the product together, primarily for the purpose of shipping.

    What types of strapping machines are there? There are different speeds and versions of a strapping machine. There are semiautomatic low volume models, semiautomatic moderate volume models, and fully automatic high volume models.


    There are different types of scales - including:

    Bench Scales

    Your basic scale that weighs the item placed on top of the pad.

    Counting Scales

    These counts the amount of items placed on top of the scale and can send information to a zebra printer.

    Stretch Machine Scales

    These scales can be added to a stretch machine to let you know the weight of the load.