Facility Supplies

Facility Supplies

The right Facility Supplies make your business run more smoothly, save you money and make everyone a little bit happier. Above are some of the products we can help you with.

Can liners

How to right size a can liner for your container:

Measure the width, depth and height of the box to be lined. The depth is the shortest side.

Add 1" to the width and depth of the box to determine the width and depth of the bag

For the Length (L) of the bag add the depth + Height + 7 inches.

Example: If the box size is 18" (wide) x 12" (deep) x 14" (high), the bag dimensions are as follows: Width (W) is 19" Depth (D) is 13" Length (L) is 33"

How to measure for a round container:

Measure the diameter and height of the container to be lined.

To determine the Circumference (C) of the container, multiply the diameter by 3.14.

To determine the Width (W) of the bag, divide the Circumference (C) by 2. Add 1″ for a looser fit.

To determine the Length (L) of the bag, add the diameter to the height. Add 5″ for overhang.

Example: If the container size is 12″ (diameter) x 30″ (height), the bag dimensions are as follows: Width (W) is 20″ Length (L) is 47″

Hand Soap

You'll save money with foam soap from Kyana!

Kyana Packaging Solutions is a Deb Stoko distributor and has recently helped customers switch from liquid soaps to foam. Below are some benefits to foam soaps:

Wall-mounted, non-aerosol foam hand wash systems are an alternative to traditional liquid soaps. In these systems, an integrated pump in the cartridge mixes a special formula liquid soap with air to increase its volume by 10 times and provide an instant lather for hand washing. Using foam soap rather than a liquid soap results in considerable reduced water usage, according to independent research conducted in the UK in 2009.

Less Product Needed

As foam soap is eight times more spreadable than the lotion soap, 36 percent less product is used on average. Research shows, however, that the same efficacy is delivered from foam even with less product.

Reduced Packaging

Using a foam hand wash translates to approximately one-third more washes in the same amount of packaging - meaning that the cartridge has to be replaced less often, which ultimately saves time and money. Buy now banner here

Bath Tissue

Kyana Packaging Solutions supplies both Standard Rolls as well as Jumbo Rolls.

We have bath tissue for lodging, healthcare, offices, and many different industries.

  • Available in 100% virgin fiber for the ultimate softness and whiteness or 100% recycled fiber for your environmentally conscious customers.
  • Attractive embossing thickens sheet
  • Elegant packaging complements any décor
  • Safe for sewers and septic systems
  • Available in a variety of sheet counts, 1 & 2 ply rolls
  • Jumbo Rolls

    Jumbo rolls come in 9” & 12” diameters in 1 & 2 plys & with up to 1,000’ – 4000’ per roll. Jumbo rolls provide over five times more tissue per roll than conventional bath tissue. Protect the environment by producing less paper and packaging waste. Jumbo rolls are a long lasting, economical product that reduces storage and labor costs by requiring less-frequent roll changes while reducing pilferage. For more information please contact us.

    Hand Towels and Dispenserss

    Place hand towel dispensers in your business and help your customers or employees receive a clean, dry paper towel every time.

    Using hand towel dispensers helps keep the towels dry, and free from any contaminants. Kyana carries an assortment of dispensers, so you can find the one that fits your exact need. They come in many styles, such as hands free, to help prevent any germ spreading. We also provide different colors, to match whatever room you place them in.



    Benefits of using hand towels and dispensers:

  • Paper towels help brush off and remove germs loosened by washing.
  • Hands-free towel dispensing prevents cross-contamination by eliminating the often germ-laden handles and levers.
  • Users touch only the towels they need for hand drying while the supply is kept clean, dry, and sanitary inside the dispenser.
  • According to the study "Hand Washing Facts to Know: Paper Towels vs. Hot Air Dryers," using paper towels after washing helps remove bacteria from hands and reduces general bacterial counts by an average of 58 percent. Your employees may stay well longer when you switch to paper towels - and that can save you money as well!