In 20 fast and easy minutes, your Kyana rep will help your business grow!

Kyana's ELEVATE program will help you make sound, strategic decisions about your business and grow your bottom line!

We're pleased to offer our clients free access to ELEVATE - a free consulting software application designed to help manage supply chain costs for today's leading businesses.

We're so certain the ELEVATE program will work for your business, you can try it for free - there is no obligation or cost to try the solutions Kyana offers you through the ELEVATE program.

We've helped our Industrial client partners optimize their supply chain. It's fast and easy and it helps you grow your business. How does it work?

ELEVATE provides a deep dive look into the costs of your existing supply chain. Then it offers a “what if” look at possible outcomes if various changes are made to the supply chain. This process alone can save your company tens of thousands of dollars.

ELEVATE then provides access to the thousands of innovative products KYANA offers as well as the latest industry data, giving insight into what like-businesses are using. You'll be able to make strategic sourcing decisions while sitting at your own desk -- without endless web searches or countless meetings.

Once you've gone through the process, you'll have the ability to take ELEVATE's information and turn it into insight. Many of our customers are amazed. They say "Going through the ELEVATE process actually showed me hidden opportunities I had never realized were there." With ELEVATE, you'll be able to make sound, strategic decisions about your business.

You can confidently forecast growth, anticipate changes in the marketplace - ELEVATE will help you "see around the corner" so you can outpace your competition and satisfy your customers. The ELEVATE Process has worked for so many and we're confident it can work for you.

The AFFLINK ELEVATE process was recently selected as one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive's "Top 100 Supply Chain Projects for 2015." It saved a single client more than $630,000 in just 9 months. It will help you better manage your supply chain too!
Since 1976, Kyana has lead the market with innovation, allowing us to help our clients grow. It's the Kyana way! Try ELEVATE and see how your partnership with Kyana can really build your bottom line!

Today, Kyana is helping diverse industries drive efficiency, growth and higher profits by using our forty years of deep industry knowledge. From packaging to corrugate to plastics and poly to strapping to stretch wrap, Kyana continues to help transform America's businesses.

If you'd prefer, you can call us at (800) 366-5374 - we'll schedule your Kyana ELEVATE insight session today!