Kyana Packaging Solutions is here to help you solve the challenging supply chain puzzle of your MRO spend!

An image showing Kim Osborne, CEO of Kyana Packaging SolutionsKyana Packaging Solutions is a family owned and operated powerhouse distributor of packaging, industrial and facility supplies. Since 1976, Kyana has dynamically grown to be the leading provider of packaging supplies in our region. Today, with our AFFLINK affiliation, we have a national reach, yet still provide the local expertise that our clients expect.

With the second generation leading Kyana Packaging Solutions, we are a and a

When you work with Kyana Packaging Solutions, our team will start by helping you understand your current supply chain. We will utilize our Elevate tools to help you quantify the costs hidden in your supply chain, then offer suggested solutions to mitigate those costs. If you are ready to learn more about the Elevate process, to start!

When our clients partner with Kyana Packaging Solutions, we focus our efforts on removing MRO surprises from an operations manager’s day. We will utilize our tools, such as our Due to Buy calculators and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to relieve you of the burden and responsibility of managing your MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) inventory. If you are ready to learn more about Kyana Packaging Solutions VMI,

Your investment in your facilities complex packaging operations can be extensive. Case sealers, auto baggers, stretch wrappers, strapping systems and more are integral parts of the operations that move your products through your facility and to your clients. Kyana Packaging Solutions has factory trained technicians that can keep your packaging lines operating smoothly. If you’re interested in learning more about Kyana’s service capabilities, please

The packaging equipment in your facility demands a smooth flow of the right packaging supplies to ensure that your products ship on time to meet and exceed your client’s expectations. Our sales team starts new application discussions by asking discovery questions about your desired results, your production environment, the conditions in transit and a myriad of other topics to help determine the correct products which may be solutions for your shipping success. We’ve tried to capture the flow of discovery questions with the Kyana Solution Center. The Kyana Solution Center utilizes our decades of experience to help you choose the products that you need to solve common packaging and MRO problems. Click here to learn more about the and start your journey of discovery today! Remember that our sales professionals are ready to help, if you need any assistance on your journey of discovery or if you don’t find a solution that fits your complex packaging needs,

We recognize the benefits to our company and our clients of sound environmental stewardship. Kyana Packaging Solutions is working to make our operations as well as our client’s operations more sustainable. to learn more!

The success of our clients it the true measure of our success as a company. To read some of our client’s stories about how Kyana Packaging Solutions helped them to achieve their company’s objectives,

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